About Us

Our organisation

YourLastRight.com is the peak body for aid-in-dying law reform in Australia. It is the national alliance of State and Territory dying-with-dignity and voluntary euthanasia societies.The societies represented by YourLastRight.com are:

your last rightAll the member societies are non-profit organisations which are campaigning tirelessly to deliver choice and ease suffering for dying people.

As membership-based organisations we depend on volunteers, donations and philanthropic support to campaign for law reform. Our work is made possible by substantial financial support from the Estate of Dr Clem Jones AO, as well as other bequests and donations.



Our aims

YourLastRight.com aims to harness the support of people like you to help governments realise that it's time to change antiquated laws that prohibit doctors from helping hasten a dying patient's death on the explicit and tested request of the patient.

We believe in choice for rational, adult Australians experiencing intolerable and unrelievalbe suffering from terminal illness or the advanced stage of incurable illness, to access aid-in-dying through their doctor and after appropriate checks and reviews.

your last right

We believe that there should be clear regulation applied through appropriate checks and balances, through formal documentation and transparent reporting of the entire process, as exists in places like Oregon, Washington State, the Netherlands and Belgium.





We want safeguards like those in lawful jurisdictions to ensure that:

  • Ending one’s life is one’s own decision and cannot be made by doctors or family; and
  • Access to assisted dying is available only to those suffering intolerably and without relief from terminal illness or the advanced stage of incurable illness; and
  • The person asking for an assisted death is a mentally competent adult; and
  • The person is be fully informed about reasonably available medical and palliative care options; and
  • Multiple medical opinions have been obtained; and
  • There is a cooling off period after the first request after which a repeat request is made.

YourLastRight.com opposes the public availability of a 'peaceful pill.'


Funding and support

YourLastRight.com is funded by grants in the memory of former Brisbane Lord Mayor Dr Clem Jones, by its member societies, and by public and private donations and bequests.  It receives no Government funding.  Volunteers are important in helping undertake our work and achieve our aims, too.