Your Last RightChanging the law to allow dying with dignity isn't a political or academic goal – it's personal.

That's why we encourage you to share your story about a loved one's final chapter.  Your story may be inspiring, sad or simply informative: all are worth sharing.

Briefly tell us the story that you would like to share and we will get in touch with you shortly. Don't worry if you feel you're not a brilliant writer...just speak from the heart.


Alan Rosendoff

Alan Rosendorff was a Melbourne lawyer who died of advanced stomach cancer on Sunday 6th November 2011. Watch his plea to the Premier of Victoria, the Hon. Ted Baillieu, for a meeting to discuss aid-in-dying law reform for the terminally ill: a request which the Premier declined.

Robert Cordover

Motor Neurone Disease

Robert Cordover was a marine biologist and a devoted husband and father.  He was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, a progressive wasting of voluntary muscle ability, resulting in a tortured end.

Before he died, his wife Nica narrated a letter he wrote to politicians about his plight.  He describes the tortures visited upon him by his illness, makes clear that no medical treatment or palliative care could relieve his undignified and distressing symptoms, and calls for law reform.

The narration is recorded with three of their loving children, Tamar, Michael and Gideon. (6'31")


Peter Hammond

Motor Neurone Disease

Peter Hammond was a loving husband and father, and a professional graphic artist.  Peter was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, which progressively robbed him of the ability to ply his profession, to travel and mix with family and friends, to walk and even to talk and easily communicate.  He recorded this plea for law reform several months before the disease finally took his life. (1')