Take Action

Australians are not asking politicians to lead on Aid In Dying law reform, we are asking them to CATCH UP. It’s time for our elected representatives to stop ducking this issue and get on with devising a safe responsible regime as has been done elsewhere.

There are many ways you can help;

  1. Become a member of your state or territory Dying With Dignity / Voluntary Euthanasia organisation.
  2. Make a donation to the organisation in your state or to YourLastRight.com using the link on this site.
  3. Visit your local Member of Parliament and tell them you support law reform to permit Aid In Dying and you want them to do something about it.
  4. Write to your local MP if you cannot visit them personally.
  5. Write to newspapers urging politicians to act.
  6. Raise the issue on talkback radio.
  7. Encourage your friends to JOIN THE FIGHT FOR YOUR LAST RIGHT by getting involved.
  8. VIEW AND SHARE THE AD THEY WOULD NOT LET US AIR ON TV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygA5UfwfpcE&feature=player_embedded

your last right